A New Year – A New you: 2014 Beauty Trends

As the year reaches its denouement and another year threatens to begin, the opportunity for a fresh start and a new you looms ever closer. The new year is all about renewal and what better way to renew yourself than with a new look? Using different eye makeup, new types of nail polish, fresh lipsticks or taking a different step in the beauty industry is one of the best ways to make you feel rejuvenated and excited for a another year ahead. Here are the top 2014 beauty trends to look forward to, which are set to hit the shelves and the runways in the new year.


  • Blue Eyeshadow – it’s started making a dramatic entrance and in 2014 blue eyeshadow is sure to be one of the top eyeshadow trends of the season. Make a statement, stand out from the crowd and highlight the vibrancy white eyeshadowof your eyes with this bold trend. Pair it with a neutral lip colour and matte foundation to make your eyes pop even more. While you’re at it, why not true a bit of green glimmer as well?
  • White Eyeshadow and Liner – iridescent whites and pinks on the eyes give women an ethereal look to capture their natural elegance in the most stunning way. Perfect for fairer skin, opal, white and pink shimmer eyeshadow and liners will give you the most sophisticated grace.
  • Cat Eyes and Metallic Shadow – the cat eyes are making a definite comeback in 2014 beauty trends, giving girls all over the place a chic, feline edge. Metallic and golden eyes are also going to be a popular, so add some gold glitter to make your eyes truly sparkle.


  • Soft Berry Lips - more poppy than a pale pink, less formal than a deep rouge and more natural than a bright orange lipstickorange, soft berry lips are the perfect intermediate in the new year. They are the best way to easily brightenup minimal makeup and can be worn for almost any occasion.
  • Bright Orange – make the most of the fun and colourful summer with some bright orange lippy. Orange is becoming one of the most popular colours of the season in both makeup and fashion so join the trend now to bring out your jolly, summery self.
  • Hybrid Lipsticks – If you love the colour of lipstick, the soothing feel of balm and the glossy tone of lip gloss, why should you have to choose? Hybrid lipsticks in the new year 2014 beauty trends will allow you to get the best of all worlds.


  • moon  manicureModern French Manicure – 2014 beauty trends are all about using the old, but turning it on its head in a modern way. So rather than sticking to the boring and archaic look of pink and white horizontal lines, try something a little different, such as blue diagonal lines on the tips of your nail. Mix it up with any combinations of colours, patterns and angles. The reverse french manicure is one of my personal favourites – with a half moon  shape at the base of the nail and full colour at the top.
  • Three Dimensional Add-Ons – make your nails quite literally pop by adorning them sleek silver bands.
  • Stripes – pair white polish with more exciting patterns that remain discrete such as a single black stripe. Mix it up by putting the stripe in different direction on each finger.

Get into the Beauty Industry

All a part of your new look with 2014 beauty trends is doing things for you and making choices that will bring about benefits, whether it be aesthetic, or at a deeper psychological level. If you’ve always loved following beauty trends and simply can’t get enough of new makeup products, hair trends or beauty services, think about turning it into your career and become a beauty therapist in Sydney, Australia.  With the onset of the new year, there is no better time to pursue a new career direction which you are passionate and enthusiastic about. Whether you’re studying at university and hate it, are fresh out of school, or are working and looking for a change, a career in beauty could be the perfect path you are looking for. Attending a professional beauty school in Sydney, Australia is an exciting adventure, which gives you ample opportunity to work in a booming Australian industry. Check out Ella Bache College of Skin and Beauty Therapy to make the first step towards an exciting new you in 2014.

John Smith